About Us

Jewelry Appraisals & Transactions in Your Own Home

Know that you’re selling jewelry to a company dedicated to looking out for its client’s best interests with Gold Train Inc. of San Antonio, Texas. The only company in the the United States that drives an armored car right up to your door, we make getting cash for gold and your other dust-collecting accessories simple and secure. With more than 15 years of experience and thorough background checks, we ensure you and your possessions are treated with professionalism and honesty.

Starting out as contractors in commercial construction, we originally began purchasing gold and silver as an investment. That evolved into a new venture that focuses on buying gold and silver jewelry from the public at rates fair to all parties involved. We always offer you top-dollar rates, even on broken or estate pieces that other companies may gyp you on. All sales are logged for 10 days after purchase, allowing for accountability in the case of stolen goods and creating available records for law enforcement.

Get the Value You Deserve

Don’t sell your Gold pieces until you allow Gold Train to give you our best offer. 

On the Spot Gold Appraisals & Purchases

Whether you would like to make an appointment to meet at a coffee shop, our San Antonio Gold Buying office, or at your home, we can always accommodate you. Reach out anytime to talk about potential gold pieces for sale!